Can you guys look over this part list and give me advice on cables and on the build in general?

Parts list:
Cpu:ryzen 5 7600x
Motherboard:b650 p wifi
Ram:g skill flare 16 gb (yup its just the cpu bundle)
Gpu:Radeon 6700xt
Psu:Corsair 650w
Case:Corsair 4000d
Cpu cooler:ak400
Storage: 1tb sn750 and 2 tb hd (I have these from my laptop)
Thermal Paste: Corsair xtm50
Sound card: asus xonar se
Keyboard: steelseries apex 3
Mouse: Logitech lg503 (I have the keyboard and mouse from my laptop too)
Monitor:HP X27qc 27" 2K QHD 165Hz Curved Screen Gaming Monitor
Speakers: Logitech lt130
Case fans (3): Nf-P12 Redux 120 mm

Some questions:
What cables and other things do I need if I were to get everything at once? (Assuming everything's in stock)
Is 650 watts enough for the powers supply?
Will the Thermal Paste react with anything?
Do I need an adapter for the cpu fan?
Should I worry about static electricity?
Will everything work together?
Any reccomendations to pay less money? (although I'm probably not going to go below this cpu because of its chipset)
So, If you can help me in any way I will be extremely thankful if you can leave a comment.


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    The only additional cable you might need is one SATA data cable each for the drives being recycled from the laptop. Check the data page for that motherboard and see if included in the box is a SATA cable or two. Some motherboards include, some do not.

    Most (but not all) coolers come with pre-applied thermal paste. Again, check the product page details. You may not need to buy any extra paste in that case. Thermal paste is very non reactive to just about anything. Still, don't eat it or rub it in your eyes.

    Are you buying the sound card because you are doing some hardcore sound work? Otherwise the motherboard will have sound built in, although it is just general consumer grade sound.

    650W is strictly speaking the minimum you need here. If you get a "gold" or "platinum" rated model then 650 is fine. If you ever want to upgrade for example the graphics card then a new, higher rated, PSU will probably be needed.

    Otherwise you're all set with that list.

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