Pc help (beginner)

Hello everyone my name is andrew I’m new to pc gaming I’ve always wanted to get into it just never got the opportunity until about a few months ago and was able to get my hands on a pc for free I have no idea if it was built or bought built all I know it’s a decent beginner pc in my opinion it was free anyway I really wanted to start possibly upgrading it for a few reasons to learn how to replace parts and get more out of it the games I really only play is a few American truck simulator, nascar, fs22, beamingdrive the computer runs fine I did recently put more ram in there im at 40gb now but it still is slow at times I know for sure it struggles a bit on beaming drive when it’s loading up the game after that it’s fine especially for fs22 it’s slow at start up and I do have a alot of mods on both games my main question is I was thinking about getting better parts like a better motherboard and maybe a graphics card etc but I wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts were any help Is appreciated! 
Here’s the specs on the computer from the guy I got it from 

15-10400 intel i5 

GTX 1660 Super

1.5tb storage

Motherboard 7590 ud ac


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