System for Star citizen.


Hi I'm looking for a system that will be able to play star citizen upon release at max settings and at least 60 FPS.

Budget is around $750 US.

Not exactly sure where to start as my current system is a self built Phenom II black edition that got upgraded with a RX 580 and am starting from a clean slate.


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    Based on this article and my own experience with the game, just to hit these requirements at 1080p today you will need a least an RTX 2070 or RTX 3060. But based on a lot of Star Citizen's projected development and system requirements, it is expected to take even more than that once the game is fully released.

    Star Citizen System Requirements (2023 Update) (

    I run the game at 1440p but with an RTX 3090 and on average I get about 60fps in stations and 140fps off station.

    I think you will struggle to find any hardware capable of hitting the maximum settings in your price range since even used RTX 2070s are still going for about $300 but that card or a new RTX 3060 would be a good starting position.

    RSI also releases average user reported aggregate scores based on their hardware and that would be a good place to look into the real system requirements for what parts they have success with!

    RSI Public Telemetry (

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