why do you make it hard to find anything that you say that you sell?


I have tried telling microcenter that i bought a brand new motherboard and i am using the same case that i have been using for over 10 years and i have done 2 upgrades since i bought this case from cyberpowerpc.com and i can not find any parts on microcenter for my new motherboard and i did not buy a old used motherboard it's not out dated like my MSI Z170A Pc mate is. lol and micro does not sell brand-new cpu's that this motherboard needs. they only want to sell the parts that just came out at least thats what i am seeing because i put in the intel cpu which intel still makes then so i can't get anyone at micro center to talk to me. this is so very bad and sad i am buying from another seller there is a small business just right down from where i live and i called him and he can still get me the parts that i need like the intel cpu i gave him the info he needed from me to get everything that i need for my new buildso why? Tell me why you don't even sell all pc parts so people like me that knows how to build from brand new.


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    The simple truth is that we can't keep a catalog of older hardware on the shelves due to limited shelf space. Processors, motherboards and graphics cards are constantly evolving on a near yearly basis and we need to continue to offer the latest and greatest products to remain in business. In terms of Intel processors, you'll mostly find 12th gen or newer available. When board vendors or chip manufacturers stop producing the products, we typically stop ordering them as we have no means to restock once they are gone.

    If you could provide some information as to what processor you need or what motherboard you currently have, we could look into checking stock to determine if a compatible product is available.

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