Bluetooth broken for audio.

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i have never required bluetooth audio until recently for WFH reasons, and i've discovered it is completely FUBAR.

first, pairing the devices is a nightmare. it takes FOREVER for them to show up on "add a device."

then, any bluetooth audio device i connect to my system just does not work. successfully pair devices, "connected to audio and music," sound settings claim that is the only output it is using: no sound happens. the most sound i got was literally a whopping 11 seconds, and it was crackling the entire time then fizzles out to dead silence.

and i'm on an annoying as HELL time constraint trying to figure out wtf is going on because the devices will go into sleep mode and disconnect, so any possible solutions are dead on arrival because i'm constantly having to start from scratch.

i have broken 1 pair of earbuds in my frustration, please help.

i have done every troubleshooting known to f****ing man*, except for a system rollback. because i don't know how long it's been broken, it would be BEYOND pointless and i'm not doing it.

edit: CRAP forgot specs lmao goddamnit

windows 10 64bit / AMD Ryzen 3700x 8 core / 32GB RAM / GeForce RTX 2070 / can't remember the stupid motherboard it's AORUS brand.

everything that can be physically updated has been updated. there is NOTHING out of date on this machine. it was custom built with the invaluable help of microcenter

*known to google and istg 90% of those STUPID articles are written by bots regurgitating the same useless information for clickbait reasons i hate this world


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