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Hello! I bought a PowerSpec B-789 several months ago, and from the first day of use, I get a error message about 'SilentUtility' . SilentUtility is an application in the System32 directory of Windows on the C drive. Every time I shut the computer down, The error message is the following: SilentUtility - Setting file is wrong. please reinstall program! , then there is a button with OK inside. This is the last thing that is on the screen, and then the computer is off.

What does it do, is it important, and how do I resolve this error message? I just like a tidy computer and this annoys me. Is ther anyone that could help? I would be very grateful if this could be explained and corrected. Thanks!



  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    It's a utility from Magic Control Technology Corp. It's part of a software package for USB to Video adapters. On the login screen, don't login. Hold the "Shift" key, click power and restart. From there:

    1. Troubleshoot
    2. Advanced
    3. Startup Settings
    4. 4
    5. Going into installed apps or if you can't access that appwiz.cpl , find this program and uninstall it.
  • Michaelk5mfp

    Thank you for the information. I renamed it and rebooted several times, and the error message doesn't appear anymore. Problem solved! Thanks again, Mike.

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