wanna get a budget pc


I wanna get a budget pc for 1080 p gaming preferably a amd gpu the budget is around 700-1000 and with frames i wanna be able to run all games at least at 144 fps and up at around medium maybe high settings if i have to and some streaming while gaming would be nice as well i have 32 gbs of ram already purchased but i want to know if the build can become cheaper or if what i have is overkill also this is my first time making a pc so i hope the parts match but that's about it.

Not able to post a link but took a screen shot instead


  • Aodhan_Gorman

    The list does seem to take advantage of some of the best priced components at the moment but something I always warn people about are their intentions for long term upgrades. AMD's AM4 socket and Intel's current LGA1200 socket have already or are about to receive big platform changes that will make your CPU, motherboard, and RAM obsolete in the next year. So, if your plan was to upgrade slowly you may run into an availability problem for old Ryzen 5000 chips as the 7000 and DDR5 become more mainstream. But if your plan it to do a larger upgrade further down the road then I think this list represents some of the best value available today with the only exception maybe being the NR600. A Lancool 205 Mesh offers very similar features but also USB C for the same price or a Lancool 216 would offer a larger and more upgradable chassis, even the Lancool 205m if you wanted to get an mATX case to better match your mATX motherboard's size.

  • magarity
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    The non-X version of the 5600 is pretty much just as good but the X version is really for people who want to tinker with overclocking to get a little bit more performance, If you're just going to leave it on auto boost, save some $ and get the non X.

    I agree with the person above, that case is kinda meh.

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