Serial Number on motherboard is different


I recently bought a motherboard because of technical issues. After sending it to microcenter they say that it was a Motherboard issue, so i bought a new motherboard an ASUS Tuf Gaming x570 wifi, however when I tried installing it to my pc switching from the old motherboard it still would not resolve the issue. After switching Cpu's turns out it was the Cpu and not the motherboard. So I went to return the motherboard, but it turns out that the serial number on the receipt and in the box is different than the one in the motherboard itself and I ended up not being able to return it, I tried contacting Asus itself about the problem and I have not heard anything from them. Does anyone know what to do?

Additional info:

The old motherboard is GIGAbyte aourus x570 elite so I know I got the correct motherboard


Not only did microcenter diagnose the wrong thing they made me buy a part that was working perfectly fine and I could not return it even with the 15 days return policy


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