Does tier 3 build include installing case fans?

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I recently came in to get to a new rig built and right before I checked out, the tech said I had to pay additional to install the case fans, to the order or $120 for the 6 fans I bought with Micro Center. The tier 3 build already costs $250, so this comes out to $370, which is almost the cost of a custom water-cooled option. In the Tier 3 build description, it states:

  • If any additional fans have been purchased, these are installed and arranged for the best airflow for cooling all components, then plugged in to the board for power

I can't help but to feel I'm getting ripped off here. Has anybody else had a similar experience or does this sound off?


  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    Looks like you have been in contact with us via other support channels and they have passed your information over to the store for this to be looked into.

  • kevinreadyjr
    edited March 2023

    I spoke to some folks in store and they modified the cost to $40 to install the 2x 3 fan purchases I made. I still think a build should include installation of fans, especially when it comes with no fans in the first place.

  • Vaganza
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    Quite often we get builds with additional 6-9 fans, we have found that it does take quite a bit of extra time and then we find additional parts are often needed. The build techs do try to partner with the sales person to go over all of that.

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