Looking to set up a system/network for a business


Have a family member that's a lawyer. I know, but not the sueing type, more setting up wills, legal documents etc. Recently their laptop, a old Microsoft of some kind died and cannot be revived. Not sure if we will be able to retrieve her data as of yet. So we'd like to set up, as cheaply as possible, not all lawyers are rolling in it, most are struggling, a business system. What's needed are a laptop, with a method for clients to read and sign documents. And a secure reliable home storage solution. We've looked at alot of laptops. And cost wise, it seems to be better to buy a non touch screen laptop and use in conjunction with with a touch screen portable monitor. Or can a smart phone, I think its a samsung fold, be used for that? And then linking it all together with a storage solution of some sort. Be it a home nas, cloud storage etc?

As it stands we are looking at a laptop, portable touch screen, and a desktop with alot of storage. We can build a pc, don't mind taking apart laptops and doing a bit of soldering. But complete networks and getting them to all talk nice with each other, out of my realm.


  • TSKevinG

    Good afternoon @Vortus

    Thank you for contacting micro center. So we will have a variety of computer and networking options in store. however for this i would not have a specific set of items i would recommend for this. It will be best to come in store and speak with the specialist there as they will be able to make sure to get you the best items and make sure everything will work together.

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