Hello All! My name is Troy and thanks for the help ahead of time!



  • Crowe23

    Im not sure how this works but it looks like the photos took up all the space and I couldnt figure out how to input text to actually ask my question.

    I have an older Lenovo ThinkPad 3 with NO C-port. I was trying to utilize:

    My laptop monitor

    2 external monitors

    You can see the hub in the photo.

    I first tried plugging in the 2 HDMI's from the 2 external laptops into the hub, then I bought a USB Male to USB-C female adapter. When I plugged in the USB, the laptop recognized none of the monitors

    Second, I plugged 1 HDMI into the J5Create adapter and plugged that in, then plugged the other HDMI directly into the laptop. Now I get the 1|2 and 3 in the display setting (pictured in other post.

    Is there a way for me to see monitor 1, 2 and 3?

    Thanks ahead of time!

  • TSKyleH

    Hello @Crowe23

    Thank you for joining our community, I understand your trying to use two external monitors with the computer. In the current setup have you tried changing the duplicate drop down box to see if any other options appear such as extend?

    Also can you confirm if each monitor works by itself when its the only monitor plugged in, either directly or using that j5create adapter?

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