Winbook CW140 Laptop - Will not power up.


My Winbook CW140 has been a great laptop for the last few years, love it and recommend it.

Recently, however, it will not power up. The battery was fairly low last weekend and I was able to power it up. During startup, I plugged the power cable into the AC adapter to get ready to plug the computer into wall power. When I turned back to the laptop, the power was off and would not turn on upon several attempts. I plugged in the adapter, but no LEDs illuminated to indicate 'charging' status.

I'd like to troubleshoot and although I am not an official tech guy, I can grasp technical procedures and would like assistance in trouble shooting the problem before bringing it in for repair.


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    If it doesn't power on with the charger and multiple outlets, there's not much else that can be recommended at this point besides service. These have been discontinued for quite some time so you can bring it by a store location and they can advise you on what options may be still available for any repairs.

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    There is still one thing you can try, if you are comfortable with a bit of disassembly.

    Remove the screws to remove the bottom plate of the notebook. You'll need to remove the SSD hidden in the removable metal plate as well. Once disassembled, you should see the following:

    Peel back on the protective tape and unplug the colorful cable that comes from the battery to the laptop mainboard. Once unplugged, press and hold the power button on the notebook for 60 seconds. This will discharge all residual power in the system which can help if some of the capacitors are holding a charge, preventing the system from powering on. Afterwards, reconnect the battery and reinstall the M.2 SSD and metal plate. Plug your power back in and attempt to power it on. If all goes well, it should power on.

    If not, it is possible some of the charging circuitry failed. As @Ian eluded to, this notebook is no longer produced so it may be difficult to source parts for. I'll check with out repair team anyways to see if they might have spare parts on-hand but it will likely be a longshot given the age. Let me know how this turns out.

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