why is the service "PC Water Cooling Radiator Flush - Advanced" so expensive?


I understand that maybe around $100–$200 USD would be an okay price for such a service, but 500? to clean a small loop? Why does it seem like Microcenter is going overboard with this price? I don't understand. It's basically the price of a brand new loop for my system.

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    It's that expensive because they don't really want to do it, they want to sell you a new loop instead.

    Actually doing it would mean taking their tech's time up so they spend less time fixing issues for other customers.

    It's just a way to advertise a service without actually having to do the service.

    Just research how to do it online and clean it yourself. If they can do it then so can you!*

    (*unless they have a machine that costs way too much for a reasonable person to buy that does it automatically, but I very much doubt this.)

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