Free membership until 2024


So hey, thanks for automatically enrolling me into a membership program I didn't ask for.

Am I now beholden to any additional terms that might come with it? If so what are those?

How much does it cost to renew if I choose to in 2024 (assuming I actually like it.) I've already got a Sam's and Amazon membership and they offer way more than you guys who only really focus on tech related items.

Why should I care about this at all? Sell me on it.


  • Ian
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    This is a new program for account holders with us at Micro Center, the terms & conditions would be as listed on our website when creating an account. The information we would have about this program currently can be found on your account page on our main website (see below for what is listed). So, to answer your question, you will not be automatically charged for the membership in the future. If we do decide to introduce any fees or charges, we will notify you in advance and provide you with the option to continue or cancel your membership.

  • Scary_Guy
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    Love the copy/paste answer here that I also saw on another post, but I'll go through it anyway.

    "would be as listed on our website when creating an account." But this isn't a new account, this is a preexisting account and has been for quite some time. Should I create a dummy account just to read them then? There should be a spot where they exist already accessible to everyone.

    "(see below for what is listed)". Yes, that was kind of hard to miss on login and doesn't really answer anything I asked about. But thanks for the blinding white background on the image contrasting with me forcing your website into dark mode.

    "you will not be automatically charged for the membership in the future." I know, because I don't have any cards linked. Mostly because I'm not sure how, but also because of the OTP security issue that still seems to exist.

    "If we do decide to introduce any fees or charges" Oh, so I take this as it's just free for everyone currently and you haven't figured out how much you want to charge yet? Could have just said that (though I guess you did in a way.)

    Thanks for trying I guess, but I still feel quite in the dark here.

  • JS_MC
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    Hi @Scary_Guy

    Sorry for any confusion or concern caused by this.

    We will be sharing more information as we roll out more features of this new initiative.

    Terms and Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy, can be found at the following links below. These links can also easily be found on the page footer of

    When we say "Completely free until 2024", it means that there is no cost to become a member of our Insider program until the end of 2024. After that, we may change the terms of the program, including any fees or charges that may be associated with it. However, if we do decide to change the program in the future, we will give our members ample notice, and we will require you to opt-in to participate. We will never charge you without you explicitly opting in!

    I'm curious about the OTP security concerns that you've mentioned. Please expect an email from me regarding this matter.

    Again, I apologize for any confusion! We don't want to leave you feeling left in the dark, and we'll be sharing additional information as we progress this new initiative!

    Thank you for sharing your interest, questions, and concerns! We greatly appreciate it!

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