Can I bring in my current PC, buy a bunch of new parts and have it all put together same day?


I would have asked this question of customer support but couldn't find any (the chat button wouldn't work even though I tried it in 3 different browsers and the national number, once I asked for a build support person, rang for 3 minutes before hanging up on me). Unfortunately, MC is a 4 hr round trip for me so I can't just stroll into the store and ask.

I'm looking at almost a brand new build (but not quite). I'd like to have my current SSD (bought from MC within the last 5 mos) and HDD integrated with the new parts, along with my PSU (also bought from MC within the last 5 mos). I'm wanting to pick up a builder's bundle and an open box GPU, plus I'll probably need a new case and have it all put together but because of the drive time for me, I'm wondering if this can be done the same day I'm over there. I expect there'd be a cost for that, which of course I'd like to know a ballpark figure but doubt such can be given by the community. So is this sort of combination of services possible to happen in the same day?

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