Keyboard and Mouse stop working after 15-45 minutes


On Sunday, I purchased MSI THIN GF63 12HW-001 15.6" Laptop Computer - Black for my wife as she simply needs something to watch Netflix on while doing some basic photo editing. I updated everything that was available from Windows Update, and also updated drivers from MSI. While using the laptop, my wife kept having the issue where the laptop would cease to take inputs from either the keyboard or the mouse. The computer isn't frozen, and continues to do tasks that it has already begun, but it will not respond to either the keyboard or the mouse.

I was going to upgrade the RAM to 16Gb, but I don't want to do this if there is an underlying hardware issue.

Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.


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    Sounds like the laptop may be going into a low power mode if it's not getting interacted with for a period of time (like when watching a show.)

    My best guess is it's a power profile thing. It's normal to shut off devices to save power. What isn't normal is not waking them back up.

    I'd try plugging in an external keyboard/mouse. Not that I think that'd work either, but it might. As a bonus, if it's a wireless keyboard/mouse you can hook the laptop up to a TV as well and then you can use it as a media center.

    There's also a chance it's a Windows bug. To test that you can try running a live Linux install from a USB stick. This won't effect the OS or any of the data on your laptop (unless you install it to the hard drive) and when you reboot everything is as it was. I'd boot it, not touch it for a while, and see if that fixes the issue. If it does then it's a software problem, if not then it's the hardware.

    A BIOS update may also help, but I'm only seeing one for your laptop, which is probably the stock one it came with (E16R7IMS.10B released 2022-10-28.) Also it's not recommended unless absolutely necessary, because if it gets inturrupted while updating it can make the laptop unbootable (though some devices have ways to recover from this if needed.)

    At the very worst you can always take it back, or RMA it directly. It looks new enough it should still be under warranty.

  • Reid_S

    Hello @GladiusUlricus ! Thank you for Contacting Micro Center Community. I have sent over an email for additional troubleshooting for your MSI laptop, I would be more than happy to work with you to get that resolved! You can reply directly to the email for additional support as well!

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