!?!?!? Advice On Parts Picked For First-Time Custom Water Cooled System Build *Warning:Post is Long*


😀Hello Community,

My name is Rick and I've been saving for a custom water cooled gaming system for a while. I'm finally ready to make some decisions and want to build the system myself. The goal of my build is to have constant 4k gaming for titles that will allow for it at high FPS. I don't currently have the monitor to support this gameplay yet, but I figure it will help to future proof the system for a good while and allow me to save for the addition later. I must admit that I consider myself an amateur when it comes to builds, but have been doing weeks of research and it seems to be within my reach.

My budget is ~$5k

I like the Hyte Y60 and wanted to theme the build around the B/W case dubbing the build name as Razorbill.

The game titles I play are: Elden Ring, CyberPunk 2077, Warzone 2.0, Paper Beasts on Meta Quest 2 (VR).

The parts I've selected so far are (😓since I'm new the site won't allow me to link my MicroCenter Build Link for some reason so here are the screenshots):

⁉️I am concerned with the Rad thicknesses as the Hyte Y60 has restrictions for Top: (MAX) 360mm @ 28mm Thickness , Side: (MAX) 280mm @ 150mm Thickness

⁉️⁉️I would also like to add in a custom bistro plate with a D5 pump. The plate states it needs to be a single loop, but would this be a problem with my intentions for the system? Should I also get some coolant temp/ flow rate sensors in the loop?

Link for the Custom Corner Hyte Y60 Case Coolant Distro Plate:

🙏I appreciate any input you may have for this project build and thank you for the time you have taken to read this novel-sized post. 😁


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    You might want to check what you typed there about the radiator thickness, 150mm is huge but 15mm is super slim. Corsair's XR5radiators are standard 30mm thickness. A single 280 will not be enough to cool that GPU and a CPU.

    Have you researched the 7950X3D? It seems like a total pain in the behind to deal with shutting off and on the second CCD each time you want to use the 3D cache or not. If I were getting 7000 series I'd just get the 7800X3D and not deal with that hassle. If you've picked the 7950 on the theory that the most expensive is the best, you might reconsider.

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