😞😑 DANGEROUS & Irresponsible of Micro Center. 😑😞

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I Love building Custome gaming PC's and have been for several years now.

Yesterday I went to buy a new bundle for my new project, I am building a space capsule pc case and computer.

When I asked for help in finding the bundles, the salespersons completely ignored my request, even though I asked about 5 times for the bundles.

Two of them just kept interrupting me, saying no, you need to buy this CPU. I tried check on my cell for information on this CPU, but they just wouldn't really let me. It was very frustrating.

They wouldn't let me ask much of anything else, just kept pushing this sale on me. I felt pressured and kind of bullied into getting this, instead of what I truly wanted, and told them that I came here for the bundles. They did not care. I also asked another one of the workers there for a better motherboard than the ones I was seeing on the shelves, He said no, we don't put those out because they are so expensive. We have them locked up, then he just turned around and walked away. I tried to get his attention again, but he statred talking to someone else and just ignored me. That upset me so much because he acted like I couldn't afford an expensive motherboard; Heck I could have been there to buy 10 High-end PC's as far as he knew. He had no right to treat me, or anyone else that way. I was so upset.

I ended up buying the CPU, motherboard, and RAM, which should have been part of the bundle I was trying to get, but I had to pay for everything separately. I ended up paying almost $1,000 with Tax. I just wanted to get out of there.

Once I got home and was able to look up information on what I bought I was very disappointed and upset to see, that not only did I not get what I really wanted, they recommended and practically bullied me into buying a dangerous CPU that has been burning up complete builds. I truly believe that it is extremely dangerous and irresponsible of Micro Center to promote and not only encourage but advise someone to buy a dangerous CPU.

I understand, if a person goes in requesting an item, and it is available for sale, the store should go ahead and provided it. But to discourage someone's choices and practically bully them into buying a dangerous CPU is just not right.

I am extremely disappointed with this situation. Now, I have to go back and deal with all the returns, and the drive is an hour away.

What do you guys think?

I wish I could email the main manager but couldn't find their email.

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  • Scary_Guy
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    Not sure where your store is at. Mine is the Madison Heights, Michigan store and the sales people there are generally very helpful if you need something, and fairly knowledgeable about the items in their own departments too. But always remember that their number one goal is to move product and make money. It is possible that they steered you away from the bundle because they might not make as much commission off of that. If that 's the case I would ask to speak with a manager and discuss it with them directly. I'm pretty sure that they want everyone to have the best buying experience possible or else people will just start shopping online and those people working there will be out of jobs.

    Also I'm not calling you out, because I wasn't there and didn't see the interaction. But if you were abrasive and impatient with them then it's possible they were short/didn't want to deal with you and actively avoided you. Or if it's a busy day it's possible they had other things to take care of. Sometimes there's a bit of a wait and if you're in a hurry then that can be a disservice to your buying experience. Never shop when you're in a hurry / on an empty stomach, as then it's easier to get pushed into getting something you don't want. Then you're forced to make a return and if it's an hour away that's really no fun.

    As far as the dangerous CPU goes, I assume you're talking about the AM5 burnouts. Gamer's Nexus did a pretty good rundown on it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7kf8DP2_No and I'd avoid those for now until they get the issue resolved, though updating the firmware on the board might fix or at least mitigate the issue. I'd be careful leaving any components online and unattended anyway, at least until the hardware has time to prove itself to be reliable. I'm on the TR4 chipset myself still, and I avoid moving to new tech because A. it's expensive and going with the last generation can save you cash and B. it lets them work the bugs out after all the early adopters buy it and complain.

    Anyway best of luck, and I hope your next trip is a more pleasant one. Maybe go with a friend too, as it's harder for sales staff to bully two people (and it's more fun anyway because you can hang out and get food after, as I did last night.)

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    We're sorry to hear about the poor experience at the store. I'll have someone setup a request for contact from a manager at your local store on Monday.

    Regarding the issues with the 7800X3D that have come to light. The issue here is they're pushing too much VSoC through the CPU when the XMP profile is loaded. This does depend on the profile and the RAM. They're exceeding 1.4V and this may degrade or damage the processor. There is a BIOS fix out there already available on most boards. It's BIOS 1602 on the ASUS board you purchased. They're capping the VSoC at 1.3V. To anyone purchasing this CPU, you should update your BIOS before you load the XMP profile. Alternatively if you already have the system setup with XMP loaded, check this voltage setting in the BIOS and see if it's operating in an unsafe range.

  • violet
    violet ✭✭
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    Thank you for the replies and suggestions. I will go tomorrow with my best friend, return the items. I just do not feel it’s safe running a dangerous cpu.

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