Doesn't offered promotion work?



I am checking the microcenter website. In the menu I go to Clearance (1). Then I go to open boxes (2). In the open boxes items I see that MicroCenter website offers me Diablo IV with a purchase of an open box RTX 4080 with the price of $1197.96. I also see that the price for the open box ASUS Z790-Plus motherboard is $239.96 and I can save $20 if I bundle it with the compatible eligible processor.

I came to the store to make a purchase, but manager told me that no, he will not sell it to me with the listed promo. On my question why? He replied that the price is already low and I should be happy with it.

so, how come? It is right here on the website. Specific SKU# are eligible for promo (for example SKU 520072), some SKU# are not eligible (for example SKU 529164).

in the store manager said that it doesn't matter what is written on the website "if you don't like it, you can complain wherever you want" - he doesn't care.

The thing is that multiple times I was buying CPU+MoBo as a bundle with the $20 off from the listed price (in the case with the open box ASUS Z790-Plus TUF listed price is $239.96). For the open box item managers were doing a markdown in the receipt, that was logical.


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