Why is my build not powering on?

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At the beginning of this month, I bought an Asrock Phantom Gaming 4 mobo, a Montech X1 desktop casing, and a G.Skill MB750G PSU from my local Micro Center to begin my first computer build. Almost a week ago, I got a Powercolor AMD Radeon RX6500 XT GPU and a Gigabyte Wifi card to have all the required parts to run it. Unfortunately I ran into a snag. My build for whatever reason won't power on. Everything is connected where they should be. Could the problem be with the conncetors on my casing? Or is my motherboard just DoA? Given I'm hoping its not the latter. Especially Since I did test it with a multimeter which showed that the motherboard still has life. But I could be wrong. Which I hope i'm not.

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    Disconnect the PSU from everything except the 24 pin on the motherboard. Try to power it on and see what happens. It should either power on and off or power on and sit with no POST. If this doesn't work look at the power button next. Short the two power switch pins with something conductive, always possible the case has a defective power button. If it still won't power on, listen to the PSU when you try it. Discharge it first then listen closely. Are you hearing a click from the PSU? If you are it's shorting on something. Make sure you're using the cables that came with it, and remove anything that may be creating a short. If not, I'd short the PSU on next if you're comfortable, or if your PSU included a jumper. Keep in mind that shorting a PSU just tells you if the unit is totally dead. If you've got a bad rail it'll work but your system still won't power on.

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