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Hi! I've been building pretty darn good computers for decades for myself and friends. I'm planning a new top shelf build for myself but Microcenter doesn't seem to carry many of the parts I'm interested in.

I'd like to do my part to help Microcenter continue to grow and thrive in the Midwest region. If I can get an exact parts list to customer service or your procurement department, are you willing to entertain such possibilities, or am I better off just ordering what I can through you and resorting to competitors for the rest?

Keep on being awesome, MC!


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    If you were looking to have us build it, we are able to build the computer for you at our service department when you bring us the parts. Just speak with your local Micro Center Service department and they can discuss the details. Any items we have in store can be purchased at the store and the others that we don't sell can be purchased else where. There also might be something similar that we do sell and a BYO Sales associate can work with you on that. We really appreciate you helping us grow!

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