Im trying to get a new PC but like im a rookie with no experience and only have a alienware aurora r12. idk if i should igve it to my friends cuz my parents and grandparents bought it for me. I also need a PC that's not expensive, but decent at running games and streamlab (cuz im a streamer ;)). I want something decent and not absolute garbage. i have no idea what cpu or what any of that stuff does except for the 4090 thingies and space (1t 2t 4t 5g etc).


  • Ian
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    For us to make proper suggestions, we would need some sort of budget to work from.

  • ActualSpooks

    ok budget is prob 1500-1900 bucks

  • magarity
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    It would really help to know what the R12 is not able to do well enough. It would be easy to spend 1500 and not be a better PC than the R12 unless we know what about it isn't good enough. So be as specific as you can, like "when I try to play Hogwarts Legacy the frame rate is too slow on High setting"

    Also, R12's can have several different configurations, what did yours come with for CPU, RAM, and GPU exactly?

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