I’m building my first pc and am totally lost.

I just got a Musetex TW8 tower w/ARGB fans for my birthday and started looking into what I need to finish the build. I have watched videos and read blogs and am just super overwhelmed by all the choices. I played mostly rpgs with mods like Skyrim but occasionally play some fps like deep rock galactic, payday and left 4 dead. I’m trying to stay around an $800-$900 budget.Thanks for any advice you can give. 

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  • Rye_Bread
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    To add onto Ian's suggestion, I would highly recommend visiting your local Micro Center and speaking to one of our Build Your Own associates. They can help you pick out parts and even guide you through some of the other questions you may have when it comes to building it.

    I wish you the best of luck! The first build is always the most daunting. Take your time with it, watch lots of YouTube videos, and make sure you spend some time getting the cables nice and organized.

  • magarity
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    That budget build is good, since you already have a case that let's you upgrade something on the list. I'd get a gold power supply that's all modular instead of that bronze one.
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