Microcenter PC build services for an engineering rig?


How fancy does Microcenter get with their PC build services?

Building an engineering prototype:

  • EPYC 9374F (32-core) CPU
  • Supermicro H13SSL-NT motherboard
  • AMD Instinct MI100 GPU PCIe gen 4 card
  • (2x) Xilinx VCU118 FPGA development card PCIe gen 3 card(s)
  • XMC daughtercard (from top edge of FPGA card)
  • (etc)

Bit more exotic than your usual parts list. 

Assuming we would order and bring the above (as not in the store's usual stock).

The trick is finding a case to fit the (tall) FPGA + XMC cards, and ensuring enough airflow over a server-motherboard. Used a Thermatake P3 with a water-cooler on the CPU in a prior build (with one FPGA card and no GPU), so the tall FPGA card+addon was vertical. (using PCIe cables).

Some chance you might know a better case solution? Or is this outside your range?


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