Leaving feedback for your Columbus, OH store

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Leaving feedback from an amazing set of experiences, with your Columbus store off Bethel rd sharing how now Micro Center is my electronics center of choice (1.5 hr drive? Worth it)

Visit One:

I had moved to town recently, and first entered for help setting up my 3D printing center again. I met with Tyler and he gave me a run-down, showcasing some great deals and providing recommendations for improvement - "No, that's fine thank you Tyler me and my Genius Pro are fine, this is good enough". I grabbed some ink, and headed off

Visit Two:

A week went by and work had been strenuous, I ventured back in then to take a breath and learn more about those CR-10 deals and ideas Tyler was sharing - and left with a new CR-10 Smart printer oh my gosh this thing is amazing - thank you Tyler!!

Visit Three:

A few weeks went by next and I was browsing around, this weekend shopping for a resin cure/wash station which I hadn't gotten for my Saturn printer yet, found some good deals online. And then wouldn't you know it, Micro Center had great deals to match!! And I headed out, where I encountered your rockstar Jon and he gave me a tour, run-down and detailed information about your resin supplies and his methodology recommendations. Was a blast! And I headed home with a brilliant Anycubic Wash & Cure Plus

Your team rocks, and your prices, and your merch, store & location - for me 'Welcome to Ohio' now has Micro Center brazen across the top - you guys rock and sharing my thanks



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