Who is winning currently


I will ask a simple question for my FIRST ever post here....

Who is winning in the CPU side of things... intel, or amd? and why.

Who is winning with the GPUs.... Nvidia or AMD... once again... why?

I feel like AMD is winning with CPUs and unfortunately.... Nvidia is still winning with GPUs... beyond that point... I wanna hear how everyone feels!


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    I think you're pretty much right for the x86_64 architectures. AMD have gone all in on gamer marketing and their support of that community. Intel has been doing similar but mostly just focus on doing servers and workstations. Though AMD has gone after that market now and their offerings do not suck. The chips run kind of hot but from what I hear they can take it.

    In the GPU realm, nVidia is king and have been for a long time. AMD/ATI is great too, but falls a bit short. I side with them though since nVidia's support for Linux is a bit lacking, but they've been trying to do better. Intel has also entered the game now too though, but thanks to them being so new and their history of "integrated graphics" being a joke and only good for servers/workstations (because that's what they do) many don't trust them yet and are hesitant to take the chance and spend the money on them.

    As always I'm excited to see what the future holds, especially with quantum processing trickling in slowly.

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