Service for my ThinkPad P72, still on extended warranty (problems with Lenovo)



My laptop is about 4 years old, and has had constant problems. The mainboard has been replaced several times, always with another that had different problems. (Once they even downgraded me from a Xeon to a Core i7 and lesser graphics). I have about 2 months left on my extended warranty. They just replaced the mainboard because this one wouldn't stay asleep longer than 30 seconds. The new one won't power on or resume completely (it shuts down suddenly when you would expect to see the graphics display), and it also suddenly shuts off when the battery is at about %50 (I've tried 2 new batteries just to be sure that wasn't it). This happens with both Linux and Windows10.

Lenovo, however, has stopped responding to me altogether. I've been told that the approved warranty service centers may have some "wiggle room" and be able to make some progress happen. At this point it would make sense to replace the computer entirely since it has given me nothing but problems. I would be happy with working mainboard, though.

What options do I have? I'm in the San Diego area, but would drive up to Tustin if Micro Center could help.

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    Our store locations are Lenovo repair centers for their laptops & desktops so it is certainly something that can be reviewed in-store for any sort of repair options. Micro Center store locations do offer a walk-in service so an appointment is not required. Our Technicians are available Monday-Saturday from 10am-9pm and Sundays from 11am-6pm. However, if you’d still like to let us know when you plan to arrive you can schedule a service appointment here:

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