Place Your Order just spins and never completes


Trying to order something, tried 3 different browsers. Anyone else having problems? Would really love to buy something but it seems like the website doesn't want me to.


  • Scary_Guy
    Scary_Guy ✭✭✭
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    That seems strange. Three different Chromium based browsers or Firefox too? Have you tried another system or your phone (as annoying as that is.)

    Do you have anything like Adblock on OpenWRT or a Pi Hole setup on your network?

    If it's a laptop/portable device you could try going to a place with public WiFi and try there. Not that I recommend it for eCommerce because I do not trust public WiFi though places like McDonald's or the local library are probably safe. Maybe set up a VPN just to be sure, but also make sure it's one you can trust.

  • GavinT

    @LuminousMatter Are you trying to place a shipping order or a reservation? If you're looking to do a reservation, which location would you be going to?

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