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Beacause some reason ,I am need to move to another State,And I will take My ITX with me.I plan to take the flight to my new home,I am wondering If my desktop component broken during the fight, Does my replacement plan still working for it? All component have 2 year replacement plan and still working


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    This is a little tricky to answer. The only plan we have that covers physical damage would be the Accidental Damage Handling Plan or ADH. I don't believe these plans are available for desktop computers or individual parts either, which means none of our plans cover accidental damage to desktops/parts. Now even with an ADH plan, this would still be tricky to answer as the plan does not cover damage that occurs in shipment. Typically damage that occurs during shipment is covered by either the airliner (excludes fragile objects and most electronics), moving company or travel insurance. Travel insurance would likely be the best bet in terms of getting coverage if damage occurs during travel.

    Now if you want to mitigate the risk for damage, there are a few things you can do. If possible, remove the GPU from the system and pack it separately. Weight wise, it's likely the heaviest part of the build depending on the design of your ITX system. If your ITX system is using a tower cooler of any kind, best to remove that too. If it's using an ITX cooler that is more horizontal than vertical, that should be fine.

    Lastly, check to see if you can find a very small Instapak bag. For an ITX build, the smaller the better. You can usually find these on Amazon or at local shipping centers. Follow the instructions of the Instapak bag. Once you hear the "pop" noise, position the bag in between the fragile components and immediately place the side panel on your system. The bag will expand and harmlessly fill the voids in the chassis. This will help keep everything supported during shipping. This process is very quick and requires some speed, so might be best to buy a couple of bags just to be safe.

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