broken monitor


So i feel real defeated, i just purchased a ACER monitor with my new PC build

when i picked the monitor up from the store there was a visible hole on the lower left corner of the box, i didn't think too much of it, because it looked like only the cardboard was damaged.

last night i decided to set up my pc to install windows and when i unboxed the monitor the base plate was missing and i spent some time dealing with CS to get it replaced, so cool i get the base plate sorted out, since i had everything out i decided to at least install windows so i removed the monitor from the packaging and saw a huge crack in the lower left corner of the screen, in the exact spot where the packaging was punctured, it looks like someone kicked it maybe? i don't want to assume malice but this is concerning.

I live in the Bronx and the store is in Flushing Queens, it is going to cost me at least 50 dollars to Uber just to return this item.

all i want is a functioning uncracked monitor that i paid for, but since getting that home is gonna cost another 50 dollars i just want my money back.

im not even mad, just sad that this was my very first experience with company.

i do want to give credit to the CS reps, David and Rob who assisted me with the baseplate issue, so i know that you guys care, but i am so disappointed and not looking forward to the trip back to that store at all.


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