Potentially Concerning 7900xtx Temps


I just recently put together a new system with a 7900xtx and it has been working great so far. The only problem that I have had with it so far is that the highest sensor read 107-108 degrees C today while under full load (I have plenty of airflow in the case.) To be fair this was a full ray traced load and it is a factory overclocked card (Asrock phantom gaming 7900xtx) but none the less this seams pretty concerning. Should I return the card and get a different one or is this normal?


  • I see that its core clock is set to 2890 MHz which seems a little high even for the factory overclocked card. This is a an open box card so is it possible that a previous owner applied an aggressive overclock which carried over to my system? On the microcenter specs page this card is advertised as having a 2615 MHz boost clock and 2455 MHz game clock. Not sure if those are the same thing, sorry.

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    Looks normal to me. The 107-108C sensor is the GPU's hotspot . This is the hottest spot on the card, probably the VRM. 110C is considered normal. Your GPU temperature is what you would be mainly concerned with and 72C is fine. As for the clock, I'm assuming it spiked to 2883 when you loaded it up, but it seems to have maintained 2633 in the image. That's in line with the 2615 boost clock. The card will dynamically boost past this if there's room. By that I mean either the temperatures are in check, or more likely if it's able to so under the power cap on the card. Just like with CPU's, undervolting is overclocking.

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    AMD's own Adrenaline software works really great with cards using their GPUs. You could try an undervolt to get the temps down.  110 is the absolute max, where the card will slow itself down to prevent overheating.
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