Compatible screen upgrade for N156HGA-EAL REV.C1


Good morning, folks.

I love nearly everything about my current notebook, except for the screen. I swear this thing could make a Ghibli movie look bland.

So, I'm planning to upgrade it with an IPS model- preferably increasing its refresh rate to 120Hz. Does microcenter carry a compatible screen like that?

Is a refresh rate upgrade prone to any issues, also?

This is the listing for a 1:1 replacement, in case that helps:

Thank you for your time,


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  • GavinT
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    @AuxCart Just to confirm you're using the MSI GV62, correct? We typically only carry the OEM screens and not any third party upgraded ones. Unless MSI at one point released the same model, with an upgraded screen.

    If you do go to a place like Amazon to purchase a new screen, just make sure you confirm compatibility and pinout. In theory, you shouldn't have any issue with the refresh rate. However I would imagine that voltages could be different, so that may pose an issue. So do with that information as you wish.

    If you wanted to go down the easier route, you can always use an external monitor as well!


  • AuxCart
    I see, thank you for the details!
    Yes, I'm using a GV62.
    I've been using external monitors, but have found myself wanting to improve the portable experience after getting a nice desktop PC from MC.
    I'll be looking into Amazon or third party websites then, and will check voltages now.
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