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I've been researching parts for a little over a year now, wishfully hoping about building a custom PC in the near future. I understand that parts pricing can change, but I hope that this list that I've come up with can be "future-proof" and even be relevant even if I build it some time from now. I'm not too inclined to purchasing important parts (CPU, GPU) used since it could be risky.

Use: A/V Projects including photo & video editing and music production. Also gaming and streaming movies for entertainment.

Resolution: 1440p, not too interested in 4K at the moment

Budget: More or less $2,500. I want this to be an investment for a while.

Aesthetic: I'd like the system to stay in the White, black, silver, look.

Please let me know what you think about this setup and if there's any suggestions.



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    Sure, that all looks fine for what you're looking to do. The only thing I'd note is I'm not sure if you'd really have room for 6 additional case fans with the case you already have picked out with the fans it already has. The case would already have 4.

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