Connect an old monitor to a new laptop

edited June 2023 in Audio/Visual

I was given an old monitor (KDS) to improve my WFH situation (I already use a VGA-HDMI converter to connect my Dell laptop to a Dell monitor). When trying to use the converter on the KDS monitor, I got the message "Mode Not Supported H:67.5KHZ V:60.0HZ".

I've attached a document with the specifications I am able to get on the 3 devices.

Question 1: Is there a way to connect the KDS to the laptop?

Question 2: Is there a way to connect both monitors to the laptop so the monitors are my screens and the laptop can be closed? (The ports I have are the USB-C charging, HDMI, USB-A (which I use for my wireless keyboard/mouse), a USB-C port that also charges and has what I think is a USB PowerShare symbol.

Thank you!


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