I am really mad at what I was sold.


I purchased a Lenovo laptop last year. When I spoke to the sales rep, I told him I had 2 requirements. The memory MUST be upgradeable to at least 32GB, 64GB preferable. The processor needed to be at least an 8 core. I also told the sales rep that it would be nice if the laptop was a 2 in 1 as well. We looked at 2-3 different laptops and we were told that all of the laptops we were looking at had upgradeable memory and at least 8 cores. The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 16IAU7 has a 10-core processor and it is a 2 in 1 but it DOES NOT have upgradeable memory, this thing came with 16GB with is not what I consider an appropriate amount of memory to run Windows 11 just to do simple internet browsing. 100% of the physical memory is used up and the laptop ha excessive CPU use because of the hard faults occurring to read and write to the pagefile. I went to look to see what kind of memory I needed to buy to upgrade it and discovered it in fact cannot be upgraded. I would not in aa million years buy a laptop or any other PC that the memory was unable to be upgraded in it. This is the #1 think that causes a laptop to become obsolete and unusable after several years. I spent 1000 bucks on what I would call a boat anchor all because some salesperson was either untrained or they intentionally suggested this laptop because it had a higher commission or whatever the reason. I am well outside the return window and had Microcenter displayed on the price tag if the memory was upgradeable or not this would not have happened. Instead, I had to rely on a person that is supposed to be trained and know this information. This laptop is still in brand new condition. not 1 scratch on it and I have all of the original packaging. Microcenter should step up to the plate and take care of this. I do not want my money back; I want a laptop that meets the specifications I had originally asked for. I don't care if the laptop comes with 4GB of installed memory so long as I am able to add more memory to it. This laptop is spending 1/2 of the processor swapping data from RAM to the pagefile and vice versa. It does this with only Microsoft Edge open and all of the bloatware has been removed.

Here you can see there is 16GB installed for the RAM but look at the pagefile use 14GB of pagefile used.


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