Mobile Phone Number Not Major Carrier?


Okay I've had this problem in store for a while now. I've had my phone number for over 2 decades. It was a landline with one of the bigger Baby Bells that got split off when AT&T got hit by the big monopoly hammer. It is currently with T-Mobile, but as been used with AT&T Wireless, Sprint and Verizon prior to this. I'm not going to change my phone number and I've been a customer for most of those 2 decades. Since I can't send a message directly to anyone anymore it seems, I'm posting here for you to try to whitelist my phone number. If you want to get on the phone with T-Mobile with me so we can prove it is my phone number, I'm totally happy to do so, but I'm tired of people at the register getting a blank expression when I tell them my phone number and they say it isn't a mobile phone with a major carrier.


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    Hello Davron,

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the register system. Unfortunately, the system cannot accept landlines because it cannot send a text copy of your receipt to a landline number. I understand that this is frustrating, and I am not sure what the best course of action is. Is there an alternative number you can use that has not been ported from a landline to a mobile account?


  • Davron

    No, I've only got one phone. I'm not sure how many phones you or other people have. I can say I get texts all the time on my phone. When I just do a random google search to look up what carrier a phone is on, the website comes up:


    T-Mobile US-SVR-10X/2

    Is Wireless:


    I don't know why the microcenter system doesn't have the ability to read this information.

  • GavinT

    I decided to look into this a bit further for you. I see that there is a phone number associated with your Insider account and while I'm obviously not going to share what it is here - I will say that it is attached.

    At the moment, when you provide your information at the checkout, it will create an order history with your phone number and/or email. You can then connect that order history to an Insider account online to see your purchase history.

    That being said, I cannot say for certain why it's still asking for your phone number at the register when your Insider account already has that information. However, this is something that I can certainly pass along to the IT team to get more insight for you!

  • Davron

    It happened again. i give them my phone number and it brings up my address and then they go to the mobile phone entry as it says I don't have one and I give them my phone number and they enter it in and it fails again. I looked and I've never been able to get any of the coupons either via mobile.

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