Has anyone at MicroCenter thought of Amateur Radio Gear ?


There have been companies similar to MicroCenter that carry Amateur Radio Gear and supplies. One of the defunct ones is the famous Fry's, currently GigaParts does support the Amateur Radio community along with many of the same products MicroCenter carries. Would MicroCenter consider carrying supplies at the very least if not actual Amateur Radio equipment ? Radio Hobbyists (Amateur Radio, Scanner Listeners, CB operators and the like) in the past at least had Radio Shack that carried coaxial cable, masts/house brackets, push up masts, copper wire, connectors etc etc at the very least along with some tools and test equipment and sometimes some radio gear. These are low cost items that would be easy to inventory and difficult to ship via mail order ie: 40ft push up masts that collapse to 15 or so feet are INSANELY expensive to ship, even a simple 10ft mast which HAD been stocked by Lowes or Home Depot but no longer carried.


  • GavinT


    I can certainly pass this along to the respective group that handles purchasing and testing new equipment for you!

    One thing that I've realized working at Micro Center is that niches always seem bigger when you're in that group. For example, I was really into electric skateboarding for the longest time and I was surprised when I joined the DIY department that we had a lack of brushless motors for sale and other equipment that I thought would be great for my hobby. I soon realized that not that many people come into the store looking for that sort of thing and they just buy everything online. So it's really a balancing act between mainstream electronics and niche hobbyist items, as we also would have to allocate a lot of space to carry some of these items.

    With all that said, we do have test aisles in our stores for these reasons. Our test items are new items that we want to get the feel for how they sell. So I can see something like amateur radio gear popping up there!

    I hope this was able to provide some insight for you, let me know if you have any other questions!

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