Refurbished 75" Sony X90K TV with screen defects/damage out of the box


I purchased a refurbished 75" Sony X90K from the Chicago store 3 days ago, and to my dismay there are some obvious screen defects or damage right out of the box.

I noticed:

  1. Dead pixels in a variety of locations on the screen, seen in the picture with blue background.
  2. What I can only describe as the internal layer of the screen being pushed up against the clear exterior in two spots, with identical measurements, which leads me to assume that it happened with the foam supports in the non-descript refurb box.

I can't seem to find an answer on how this is handled, other than returning the entire thing. I very much like the TV and would rather keep it, but I expect the "as-new" status of the refurbishment to be exactly that. I no longer have the packaging that it came in, as that was immediately disposed of so the giant box wouldn't take up all that space.

Anyways, do I have any other options besides a straight refund? I'd just like to know my options before I have to arrange transportation for this thing back to the store, as transporting a 75" TV is an ordeal in its own.

Thanks so much!


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