Can Windows 10 be saved to a new motherboard?


I'm going to be building a new computer in November 2023 and dismantle the computer that has Windows 10 on it. I'll be moving the hard drive that has Windows 10 already on it to the new computer. Of course, the new computer will have updated memory and motherboard. The drive that has the old Windows 10 will be put on the new system. Will there be any problem in using the old Windows 10 in the new system? I have the USB card and Windows 10 code that came with the software. I just want to salvage the old Windows 10 to be used in my new system without going out and having to buy it again. Also, is there a program to migrate the Windows 10 OS to a newer drive on the same system? I want to put it on a 4 TB drive.


  • GavinT

    @TerryD Was the old key OEM? I'm assuming not because you said that you have the USB card that had the code on it. If it's not an OEM key, then you should be fine adding it to the new PC.

  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    What @GavinT said is correct. If it's an OEM/System Builders license, then it's tied to a hardware hash on the board, it won't activate. If it's an issue where a board fails and you have to replace it, you can call Microsoft. From my experience, they're usually pretty cool if it's a hardware failure. On an upgrade, they're going to ask you to buy a new license.

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