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A week a go here in Minnesota we had some thunderstorms, the power went out but only for a moment. I have a Cyber Power UPS with power conditioning and my PC is connected to the UPS. The PC lost power the lights on the mother board stayed on. The PC would not power on so I used the power supply to power it off, I waited a few minutes powered it on and it would not boot. I left it off for a long while and it came up for about an hour and went off on it's own.

I have 4x16GB sticks of RAM I tested each one they work. I checked the HD's and ran chkdsk on them all seam fine (SSD's).

On the same UPS I have a second PC that works fine so I'm Down to Power Supply or a damaged System board or possibly even the CPU. Last night I turned it on and it stayed up for about 15 minutes and went off.

I'm leaving for a week early tomorrow morning, if I bring it in today and leave it for a week and a couple days can you test the electronics and let me know what I need to do to get it running?

Thank You



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