First, let me start off by saying I've never been this type of person. I don't leave reviews and I'm not one to be critical but this has me very upset. I went into microcenter about 2 months ago to get my CPU looked at. It was running funny and acting off, so i figured i get it looked at. I did build this CPU myself and even though I'm no expert i do know a little bit. So i took it to be looked at and they told me that the driver was failing and that they had to replace Windows and put new driver in my system. I have several drivers on this CPU but i figured I could use a tune up. So they charged me for backing my information up on MY OWN 4tb backup drive, they charged me for windows and a new SSD, and this was not the part that aggravated me. The REAL reason I'm upset is that since all of this has taken place my CPU runs HORRIBLY!!!! it is so much worse then when i took it in. It's taken me 2 months to say anything because i really didn't want to be that person but its so horrible!!! It's slower then before, none of the programs run correctly and they didn't even set it up right before they gave it back to me. Example, i have a 2 monitor set up, no big deal, when i got it back it wouldn't take a second monitor. i called the support line and they were like well its been over 2 weeks so you have to go back to the store. I get back to the store and the clerk proceeds to tell me that the drivers weren't even set up. WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THAT!! I felt as though they didn't give a damn!!! all they wanted was to up charge me and take more money. I'm so disappointed in they ALL around the board. I've built several CPU's for ppl and have always spoken very highly of microcenter but i never had to take anything in to be serviced.... IT WAS A COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT.


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    Sorry to hear this, they do offer a 30 day re-work period where you can bring it in and they'll look at it some more. Keep in mind, they have the system in their possession for a very short period of time and for the most part, unless they notice an issue during the reload process, they aren't going to know what is normal and what is unusual. I'd recommend you reach out to the service department and they may very well take care of you and look at it further. If no one hears for you they are going to assume the issue is fixed.

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    What the other commenter said. In addition backing up the data takes time and is a service. While that's being done on the bench it takes bench space that could be used for another system which I'm guessing is what that charge is for. I'd be happy they did that at all rather than just wipe all my data, though I'd have it all backed up on an external beforhand so I can skip that and just tell them to wipe it and start fresh.

    Also I don't care how good their techs are (and they are pretty good from what I can tell) I've heard horror stories of other store's repair centers. Everyone makes mistakes, although I'll admit installing the proper drivers should be a basic thing to check. Though they may have figured you could do that yourself after getting you up and running so they didn't bother. Or maybe they thought Windows would take care of it since most modern versions usually take care of driver installs automatically.

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