Inland NVME SSD Question. Utility?


Hi, I read in a previous post that it would appear that there is no SSD utility for the Inland SSD's, and the reason given was that it is because these are very basic, no frills SSD's. If this is the case, how does one handle Trim, as well as S.M.A.R.T. and other optimizations? Is there truly no consideration for these optimization option? Does the SSD's not have a Firmware? I mean granted, it is not likely anyone would make any changes too or cause for an update of the firmware, however, it just makes me curious that no one felt that there would be a need for any such utility. Can some one please provide me some confirmation that my understanding is correct, and if there truly isn't anyway we can set up Trim or work with any of the other optimization settings you would find on a standard SSD, and if not, is there a 3rd Party util that can be used or any other way to handle this?

Thank you very much!



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    Hi, the Inland line is made for the customer's who want something that is inexpensive, but solid and easy to use. We have many customer's who don't really worry about the firmware on their drives, because they want to install them and forget them. I have used several different SSDs myself and I've only ever used a utility with the Samsung ones, because they were my main drives and I had some heat issues with them that I was diagnosing. If you're a more technical user, and find the extra utility options attractive, I would recommend getting the Samsung drives. I recommend the Inland drives for extra drives for things like putting games or storage and back up files on.

    I have however heard about talks of looking into getting a utility for the Inland line. Perhaps they will be released with one soon!

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    I have about five Inland SSDs, both SATA and NVME. Compared to the brand names', the Inland Premiums I own are near equally fast and reliable -- zero failures in five or so years. No worry there.

    All SSDs support common industry standard optimizations, if you will, which include the TRIM command sent by the operating system and the SMART health counters in the SSD firmware. Windows OS support for TRIM is automatic. High-end disk utilities like CrystalDiskInfo for Windows can show you those generic SMART information. In fact, Windows 7/10, etc. does check SMART info and record any warnings in the System Log.

    In short, factory SSD utilities like Samsung Magician are mostly a pretty display for common drive data, with a proprietary firmware updater.

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