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First time building a computer. Have I made any mistakes here?

The goals here are to dual boot off of 2 separate drives with plenty of storage (I run out on my current laptop and have close to 8tb in stored files in externals), be able to run image processing, data science, machine learning, and any games, video processing, SolidWorks, MATLAB, R, etc. I have many hobbies. I've currently got an HP Spectre 360, and I've been pushing far past its limits both for RAM and CPU. It will be my first home desktop in years, and I need it to last for a long time. 

I realize liquid cooling is quieter, but the research I've done provided it's not really that necessary; these fans are pretty quiet, and I didn't want to have to deal with the possible maintenance issues that come with liquid cooling.  

The power supply is more than I need, but IDK if someday I'll want to upgrade to a dual GPU, so I felt like it provided enough of a buffer (plus the 10-15% buffer that's generally suggested).  

Also, the ram is absolutely more than I need, but I figure the extra pair isn't that much more expensive, and why not. 

Is there anything specifically I'd regret here? Anything I missed or forgot? 

Also, as far as cases, I don't care so much about the way it looks as much as about its performance. Good cooling, as small of a small enough form factor as possible without causing issues. If I do have to move the computer around, I'd like to feel safe doing so. If you can suggest a better case, I'm all ears! I just picked this one because it had one of the highest customer satisfaction levels.


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