MSI Pro B650-p motherboard WITH GSkill MB750G powersupply


Just bought the MSI B650 motherboard and the GSkill MB750G powersupply.

I find I am unable to connect them. The problem is the cable from the power supply to the motherboard.

The "CPU" power supply cable is 2x4 on the power supply side. No problem . On the motherboard side of that cable, I expected to find a matching 2x4 plug.

Instead find that cable ends in a 2x3 end, with an attached 1x2 (total is 2x4), Plus it had a pigtail to another identical 2x3+1x2 plug.

the 2x3 portion of the cable will fit into the 2x4 plug on the motherboard, leaving 2 open ports on each motherboard connector, which I would expect to be filled in by the "addon"

Except the 1x2 addon simply doesn't fit into the 2x4 motherboard connector.

It doesn't seem right to have 2 open ports of the 2x8 motherboard cpu connector open. And, this of course is repeated by the 2nd CPU connector on the motherboard.

The MSI manual provides no guidance for this situation.

I am reluctant to run the motherboard with the two open ports on each CPU power connector.

Is this a motherboard problem? a power supply problem?


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