Making the most of the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X3D - The Budget Build Guide

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Written by Sean Mekinda

AMD's brand-new processor launched today! The Micro Center exclusive Ryzen 5 5600X3D is out now, and we've got a full benchmark and breakdown right over here. This budget-friendly chip is equipped with AMD's 3D V-Cache technology to give it a whopping 96MB of L3 cache to increase data transfer speeds, helping games run super smooth with increased framerates. It's a 6-core, 12-thread chip with boost speeds of up to 4.4GHz, making it a processing monster without breaking the bank. And right now, the 5600X3D is even more budget-friendly, thanks to Micro Center's 5600X3D bundle.

The 5600X3D bundle has everything you need to start your build off right. Not only does it come with the brand new 5600X3D, but a motherboard and RAM as well. The motherboard, an ASUS B550-PLUS TUF Gaming motherboard, is built with military-grade materials and is WiFi ready - no need to run an ethernet cable through your whole house! The RAM is 16GB of G.Skill DDR4-3200, for lightning-fast computing. And bundled together, you save over $100 instead of buying them all separately! So, to celebrate, we've put together a build that'll make the most of these parts, all without breaking your budget!

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X3D Vermeer AM4 3.3GHz 6-Core Boxed Processor

The Ryzen 5 5600X3D is an incredible chip. In our testing, we saw it perform consistently within the margin of error of its bigger sibling, the 5800X3D. It even overtook it in Cyberpunk 2077, beating it out with a higher frame rate (check it out!). There's no denying this chip offers just fantastic value, especially when paired with everything else in the bundle.

Motherboard: ASUS B550-PLUS TUF Gaming WiFi II AMD AM4 ATX Motherboard

The B550-PLUS TUF is a killer motherboard if you're looking for a long-term board. The TUF lineup is solid, with high-quality components backed by military-grade materials. The B550-PLUS offers multiple M.2 slots, onboard WiFi, 10/100/1000/2500Mbps LAN speed, and a plethora of features.

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200

When you're using an X3D processor, you want to make sure your whole build is fast. 3200Mhz is definitely on the "speedy" side of consumer-grade DDR4 RAM, so you won't find your rig slowed down by underwhelming RAM speeds.

GPU: ASRock AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT Challenger Pro Overclocked Triple Fan 12 GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 Graphics Card

AMD's RX 6750 XT is a killer budget-friendly card, scoring high on our in-house benchmarks. This card can handle just about anything you can throw at it in 1080p, and is more than capable of working with 1440p on a wide range of titles, including esports.

Cooler: DeepCool AK500 ZERO DARK High-Performance CPU Cooler

The Ryzen 5 5600X3D is a powerful chip and powerful chips demand powerful cooling. The last thing you want is to thermal-throttle your brand-new CPU. DeepCool's AK500 is designed with high-performance CPUs in mind, and the 5600X3D definitely qualifies.

SSD: Samsung 980 Pro SSD 2TB M.2 NVMe

Don't throw away all that speed with a traditional HDD. NVMe's are lightning fast so you can boot your PC fast and get into games even faster. It's your turn to sit in menus waiting for your friends to finish loading in! And with 2TB of storage, you have plenty of space for your OS, games, and anything else!

Power Supply: Corsair RMx Series RM750x 750 Watt 80 Plus Gold ATX Fully Modular Power Supply

More wattage is always good - you don't want to underpower your PC! - but there is such a thing as too much power. This 750 Watt PSU from Corsair is the perfect middle ground, with enough power for your whole PC but not blowing your budget out of the water. It's even modular, so you won't wind up with a ton of loose cables!

Case: Fractal Design Pop XL Air RGB Tempered Glass ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case - Black

Fractal makes stellar cases, and the Pop XL Air is no exception. The XL Air is here to make sure that all of your components are getting the airflow they need to keep them running at peak proficiency. Plus, it's just a good-looking case and a great way to show off your completed build!

Check out the full build here:

The Ryzen 5 5600X3D bundle can be found over here! And if you'd rather pick up a pre-built PC featuring the 5600X3D, the PowerSpec G516 is also available!


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