Product Suggestion: Sim Racing Cable Management Clips


Since MC stocks aluminum slotted profile sim rigs, it'd be an easy upsell to stock cable management clips as well. Sim Lab sells their own, for example (sorry, can't post links yet, but google "sim lab cable management" and they're the first link). Ordering them directly would be prohibitive; the shipping cost is far more than the cost of the parts. But if my local MC had these, I could pop in and grab some whenever I need them. They're also slightly consumable (after being twisted in and out to move them, they lose some of their grip), so you'd get repeat business on these.

Other brands like Trak Racer sell similar clips that should be compatible w/ any standard slotted profile, though there's a bit of difference in how tightly they fit from one brand to the next. Likewise, carries their own, but they're quite expensive there. I'm guessing that MC can find a supplier to buy them in bulk, put them in bags, and slap a house brand label on them too, for a bit of extra margin.


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