The Ryzen 5 5600x Bios for Gigabytes B450M DS3H WIFI motherboard


Pc Part Picker shows that the Ryzen 5 5600x requires Bios F61 for Gigabytes B450M DS3H WIFI motherboard and on Gigabytes website all it shows is Bios FB and FA. So two questions. Do I download and flash one of the two F bios or does the B450M already come with the correct bios and Pc Part Picker just hasn't updated it yet? or is there another solution?


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    Best answer is probably. F61 came out way back in early 2021, unlikely you'll get a board with an older BIOS that F61. Latest rev of the board is 1.4. Only the FA/FB BIOS are compatible and they're both from this year and they are compatible. You're probably good either way, but if you see rev 1.4 on the board, you're good.

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