How many of you would like to see a new MicroCenter in the Pacific Northwest?

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The PNW is in desperate need of a MicroCenter. Fry’s is fried, Video Only sucks, Best Buy is awful, and I can’t find what I need in town. I think we’re all sick and tired of ordering from Newegg, Amazon, and B&H. We want to feel the product in our hands. We want to see how they work in real time! PNW people, make this vote undeniable to MicroCenter by voting for the city you’d like to see it in and making a comment saying yes!

How many of you would like to see a new MicroCenter in the Pacific Northwest?

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  • PowerSpec_MichaelB
    PowerSpec_MichaelB ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Spokane, WA Area

    I wouldn't mind seeing a Micro Center near Spokane. A buddy of mine lives in Medical Lake, I am sure he would appreciate it. Thanks for the feedback by the way, I know that they take threads like these into consideration when looking to expand so hopefully more people chime in with some votes.

  • Aodhan_Gorman
    Seattle, WA Area

    Not from the PNW but I wanted to chip in on seeing some feedback on this poll!

    I think Seattle would logistically make the most sense because of its proximity to Vancouver, Portland, and Spokane. It may be more of a drive for those people but if a new store went in Portland, Vancouver and Spokane residents would most likely not even try to make that kind of drive. With Seatle being the largest and centralized it is the store most likely to succeed so it's probably the place I'd like to see a store to ensure it doesn't close due to low traffic! Micro Center typically likes to pick locations near a lot of college campuses as well so Portland would be my next guess on where they would put a new store considering there are a ton of colleges there.

  • DrZaius
    Eugene, OR
    I live in Eugene so that was my vote but I would happily drive up to Seattle once or twice a year. If it was in Eugene I would probably submit a job application even though I love my current job.
  • Xenepirous
    Tri-Cities, WA Area
    I live in Tri-Cities but would be so willing to road trip to one if it was in the PNW, currently the only one is 16 hours away by car (Denver).
  • Kugelblitz
    Kugelblitz ✭✭
    Photogenic First Comment
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    Portland, OR Area

    I'd be fine with a location anywhere near me. As much as I'd like one in Portland, Seattle probably makes the most sense for their business. However, there is no sales tax here in Portland! Honestly, I'd drive 3 hours with a bag full of money.

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