How to get rid of speaker hissing and crackling


I have a persistent problem with hissing and crackling speakers.

I've tried every trouble shooting option including reloading drivers, updating computer firmware, Windows updates and trying different speaker. I need to speakers for online courses and training


  • PowerSpec_KenJ
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    Speaker noise is typically caused by a grounding issue. It could be the power supply or the electrical ground in your home or office. If there is noise on the line or an improperly wired ground in an outlet, then speakers are usually the first to let you know. I would get an inexpensive outlet tester to see if the outlets are the cause. You can also purchase a power strip designed to filter noise. Many UPS systems will filter noise on the battery ports as well, but not all will have this function.

  • Vaganza
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    Have you tried plugging in an other source to be certain it isn't just an issue with the jack on the computer?

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