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    This isn't really something that we would be able to help with on our forum. You'll need to open support tickets with Riot and other game companies if you were banned from multiple games. If you believe you were banned by mistake, this should be something that they can remedy. At the very least, they should be able to point to a specific application that resulted in your ban. Trying to circumvent it by swapping hardware would be a last report type deal, and even then, they'll likely ban you again if you use the same account.

    I can say that Overwolf themselves state that they work closely with game developers (and name Riot by name) stating that their app will not get you banned: https://www.overwolf.com/our-commitment/#:~:text=See%20how%20we%20work%20with,No..

    I'd start by appealing the ban and see where that takes you. If someone else is using your system, check to make sure they didn't have any third party or bannable applications on your system.

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